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April 25
BZEE sign contract with Alternative Energy of Ukraine (AEU) to set up the first BZEE certified training centre in Ukraine!
BZEE Managing Director Christian Wefer signed a contract with the non-profit association AEU to set up a certified training centre for wind turbine technician at Lutsk National Technical University, located in western Ukraine. In a first step, a BZEE Train-the-Trainer course for Ukrainian instructors will take place in Q4 2019. Once completed, the instructors will teach students BZEE basic modules such as hydraulics and electrics in Ukraine. In a second step, the first group of Ukrainian students will complete their wind-specific training at BZEE HQ in Germany. By 2020 the plan is to have a fully equipped BZEE-certified training centre in Ukraine covering all aspects of training for wind turbine technicians.
BZEE signs contract with alternative energy of Ukraine
April 16
BZEE visits Energy Agency Fukushima (EAF), Japan!
BZEE Business Development Manager Warren Aspinall recently visited the Energy Agency Fukushima (EAF) located in Koriyama, Fukushima prefecture, Japan. EAF has the task of transitioning the prefecture to a renewables hub after the nuclear disaster of 2011 and visited BZEE HQ in northern Germany in 2018. Presentations to EAF member companies were well received and talks focused on how BZEE could support the region in its goals, especially with respect to training for service technicians and how local SMEs could enter the growing Japanese O&M market. BZEE and EAF plan to stay in contact and develop their already close relationship in the future.
BZEE Visit Energy Agency Fukushima
April 12
BZEE invitation to wind turbine OEM giant Goldwind’s university in China
BZEE Business Development Manager Warren Aspinall was invited to visit wind turbine OEM giant Goldwind’s own university located in Beijing, China along with Naim Rassool, Managing Director of BZEE licensed partner SARETEC located in Cape Town, South Africa. The duo were at the impressive facility in Beijing for talks to supply qualified South African wind turbine technicians for several upcoming Goldwind wind farm projects in Africa’s largest wind market. In addition to South Africa, the BZEE global network of training centres is of interest to Goldwind for the recruitment of locally qualified service technicians around the globe considering the OEM’s international ambitions.
BZEE invitation to wind energy giant Goldwind
April 8
Future wind turbine technicians from Norway receive rotor blade inspection and repair training in Germany
The latest group of prospective wind turbine technicians from BZEE licensed partner Dalane College located in Egersund, Norway have successfully completed specialist rotor blade inspection and repair training at one of BZEE’s partner training facilities located in northern Germany. In addition to the rotor blade training, the students gained valuable knowledge about wind turbine brake systems and power drive sockets in the two week intensive training course. Many of the students already have job offers in Norway’s booming wind industry once they have completed their studies.
Dalane College Wind Turbine Technician Course 2019


Hamburg, Germany
The world’s biggest wind energy event, the Hamburg WindEnergy expo (25-28 September), brought together more than 1,400 exhibitors. As in previous years, the BZEE was represented with its own stand. The move to the international pavilion proved to be good a decision with more proximity to our target group. Due to the central location on a main aisle, the stand was frequented by significantly more visitors.
As at the wind fair in Husum last year, our cooperation partner Festo Didactic presented its Wind Turbine Nacelle Simulator, which perfectly complements the practice-oriented BZEE training program. In the past months, the BZEE trainers contributed to the further improvement of the training device with numerous suggestions for improvements for the operation simulation and the teachware. In addition, the brand-new simulator for electric pitch systems was presented to the interested public for the first time at the joint stand.

With Baker Huges we were able to win another cooperation partner for our stand who has been supporting the BZEE and its training partners for years with measurement technology for practical training.

Only a few meters away from the BZEE booth our South African network partner SARETEC from Cape Town exhibited on its own stand, showcasing the BZEE training offers for South Africa and South African accredited training courses for wind and other renewable technologies. SARETEC is the only training institution on the continent, offering world class training for the emerging African wind industry.

Our partner JUSTY Ingénierie Energies presented their training services on the joint stand of the regional network "windforfuture" at the French pavilion.

The appearance of the BZEE and its partners at the leading trade fair of the wind industry brought many new contacts and underlined the importance of qualified training for the industry.
22 August
Dijon, France 
The latest course at BZEE certified partner GRETA21/Wind for Future located in Dijon, France has been successfully completed. The course had 11 participants all of whom graduated and received BZEE certificates. Better still most graduates already have jobs with major wind turbine manufacturers such as Enercon, Senvion and Vestas. This success rate is in part due to the industry internships participants undertake during the training course, which enables potential employers to gain a first-hand impression of future employees.
05 July
Izmir, Turkey
BZEE has signed a contract with REAC to set up a certified training centre for wind turbine technician in Izmir, located on Turkey’s South-West coast.

If everything goes to plan, the training centre could be up and running in the first quarter of 2019, perfect timing to start much-needed training courses for the Turkish wind market, one of the fastest growing in the world.

REAC have ambitious plans for the new centre and hope to capture the wind training market not only in Turkey, but also in the Middle-East. In the mid-term REAC plan to expand the facility to include offshore wind training in time for Turkey’s first offshore wind farms.
25 June
Husum / Vietnam
In June 2018 a group of 8 Vietnamese wind-industry professionals successfully completed a 3 week advanced training course at the BZEE headquarters in Husum, Germany. The course lays the foundation for further training, which will qualify the Vietnamese participants as BZEE trainers with the goal of setting up a BZEE certified training facility in Vietnam. The facility would then function as a base where students would be taught the much-needed skills necessary to become wind turbine technicians for the growing Vietnamese and South-East Asian wind markets.

BZEE delivered the training in cooperation with the engineering and technical consulting company Lahmeyer International. The training was financed by German-based GIZ, which focuses on sustainable development and international education work. The German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) is the main commissioning party of GIZ.
19 March
Hannover, Didacta Trade Fair
BZEE Academy GmbH and Festo Didactic SE, the world’s leading equipment provider for technical education, recently signed a cooperation agreement at the trade fair Didacta in Hannover, Germany. The agreement focuses on the integration of Festo’s product portfolio into the BZEE service technician programme with the aim of offering a holistic learning concept for further education in renewable energies and especially in the field of wind energy. BZEE Managing Director, Christian Wefer and Andreas Hurst Head of regional sales Europe both stated that “this exciting cooperation is a win-win for both partners and will support students in their studies, especially with the transition from theory to practical aspects of training through the addition and integration of Festo’s state-of-the-art training equipment”. BZEE licensed partners will be able to take advantage of discounted prices for Festo’s renewables-related product portfolio through Festo’s country-specific representatives.




25 July
Dijon, France
Congratulations to BZEE certified partner GRETA21/Wind for Future located in Dijon, France on successfully completing their 4th wind turbine technician course. The course had 10 participants all of whom graduated and received BZEE certificates. Better still some graduates already have jobs with major wind turbine manufacturers such as Enercon, Senvion and Vestas! To date the French partner has trained 40 wind turbine technicians and more courses are already in the planning.
20 March
In March 2017 the latest group of trainers successfully completed the 2 week BZEE Train-the-Trainer course for Working at Heights (WAH) in Husum, Germany. The course enables trainers to teach future wind turbine technicians and technicians already working in the industry to safely work at heights in accordance with the BZEE WAH standard. BZEE WAH courses comply with employer liability laws and offers particpants a more realistic and qualitative training experience compared to other courses on the worldwide market. Trainers from France and Germany participated in the training and will soon be teaching more wind turbine technicians to work safely at heights in the wind industry.




08 September
Leeuwarden, Netherlands
BZEE-certified partner epoMAT is proud to announce the first Wind Turbine Rotor Blade Inspection and Repair training course for industry in Europe. The course is intended for wind turbine maintenance personnel or anyone interested in becoming a specialist in this field.

The focus within the wind industry is shifting to more emphasis on the rotor blades. Blades have always been taken for granted although they actually determine the efficiency of the wind turbine and a catastrophic failure would more than probably mean the total destruction of the plant. Advanced knowledge of rotor blades, how they are constructed along with knowledge of material characteristics and aerodynamics is therefore of significant importance. The skills required to repair damages are essential to restore and ensure wind turbine efficiency.

The first Wind Turbine Rotor Blade Inspection and Repair course started in September 2016.
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15 July
Lethbridge, Canada
In recognition of their training excellence in wind energy all BZEE certified partners around the globe are in the process of being awarded wall plagues. In the image above, instructors Colin Wynder, Ron Papp, Gordon Bourgoin, Chris DeLisle and chair of the wind program Cal Whitehead from Lethbridge College in Alberta, Canada proudly present their plague, which will be mounted in a prominant place at the training facility. Lethbridge College has been a BZEE partners since 2007 and are now running their 21st training course for wind turbine technicians in line with the BZEE standard.

Hundreds of BZEE certified wind turbine technicians graduate from BZEE certified colleges worldwide every year. Many of these certified graduates are looking for positions abroad as they enter the wind industry. BZEE graduate technician are trained to the same high standard worldwide ensuring employers get only the best safety-conscious recruits no matter where in the world they are located. 
06 July
Congratulations to BZEE certified partner Holland College located on Prince Edward Island, Canada on successfully completing their 8th wind turbine technician course. The course had 11 participants all of whom graduated. Better still the whole class were hired for a project in Ontario, Canada before they even finished the course! This more than demonstrates the quality of teaching at Holland College and the name they have made for themselves in the Canadian wind industry. Holland College is one of 30 BZEE certifed partners worldwide training students to the BZEE standard, making it the world’s most recognized qualification in the wind industry.
04 April
For the fifth time, a group of prospective wind turbine technicians from BZEE licensed partner Dalane College located in Egersund, Norway received specialist training at BZEE’s training facility in Husum, Germany. Working at heights and driveshaft alignment were just some of the topics covered in the two week training course. All students successfully passed the course and received BZEE certificates. The students will now complete the rest of their studies in Norway before hopefully finding jobs in the Norwegian wind sector.
23 March
In February 2016 the latest group of trainers successfully completed the 6 week BZEE Train-the-Trainer course in Husum, Germany. The course enables trainers to teach students to become succesful wind turbine technicians in accordance with the BZEE standard, which is the leading quality standard for service technicians in the wind industry worldwide. Trainers from France and Costa Rica participated in the training and will soon be teaching more students to become certified BZEE wind turbine technicians.




05 November
Project for development of qualification standards for rescue procedures for rescue professional and service technicians, as well as workers in the offshore and onshore wind sector started.

Project partners are OffTEC Base GmbH & Co KG, BZEE Academy GmbH and Schleswig-Holsteinische Seemannsschule. The project is scheduled from 01 May 2015 to 30 April 2017
The main focus of this project is the development and advancement of qualification standards for rescue professionals and operationally active personnel, to ensure the safe implementation of emergency and rescue manoeuvres as part of the emergency rescue chain of the offshore and onshore sectors.

During the first phase of the project, new standards for rescue professionals as well as the additional training equipment required were developed, tested under real life conditions and adjusted accordingly. In the second phase of the project, new standards were defined or adjusted for the training of operational personnel on the basis of newly developed rescue procedures and these were implemented as pilot training schemes.

The participation of international stakeholders helps verify transferability by comparing the respective national policies and, where appropriate, existing rescue concepts and training programmes.

By comparing existing standards and creating new qualification standards for rescue procedures, suitable training facilities will in the future be given the opportunity to offer high-quality training that is based on the same standard, thus making a significant contribution to the safe design of workplaces in this growing field of activity.

The project is funded by the state of Schleswig-Holstein from its employment programme together with funds from the European Union, European Social Fund (ESF).
02 November
BZEE is the official ‘Aligned Partner’ of the GWO and is a recognised network certifier.
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31 July
On 31 July 2015 ,the world’s first training tower for offshore helicopter safety training was inaugurated in Emden. The tower is strategically located at the Rysumer Nacken wind farm in Emden in order to meet the demands on the staff of the North Sea wind farms. The training tower is run by the BZEE partner company, HSEQ-Experts.
30 March
Service technicians from Egersund undergo training in Husum. For the fourth time, a group of prospective wind energy service technicians from Norway were at the Husum training centre for renewable energy, BZEE. The collaboration with Dalane College in Norwegian Egersund has been in place for four years.

In addition to the partnership with the Norwegian Dalane College, BZEE also has training agreements with 24 other German and international partners. Technical colleges in the US, Canada, Brazil, Japan, Korea, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Ireland, France and Romania are training service technicians in accordance with certified BZEE standards.

Early this year, courses were successfully completed with a total of 60 participants in Nîmes, Charleville-Mezières and Montmorillon, France, as well as Kingston in Canada.